Robert James Dougherty Jr., MD

Hi! Welcome to Genesis! I am so excited that you are considering us for your aesthetic needs. I have been a solo Family Practice physician here in Bastrop for over 20 years. I currently have a concierge family practice and enjoy the freedom it gives me to explore other areas of interest. Aesthetics is one of those interests.

I have and will always be concerned about good health, and I have come to realize that good health comes from many different places! My love of Functional Medicine has led me to realize that good health is gathered from good nutrition, lifestyle changes like healthy foods, good sleep and exercise. Joy, happiness, essential oils and a spiritual center. I would argue that aesthetics is one of these important contributors.

When I first started aesthetics, I practiced on my mom, not that she needed it, and she was ready and willing to help. The day after I performed her first procedure, she came into our house crying.I asked what was wrong and she said, “look at my face!” I must admit I was a little worried about whether I had hurt her, but to my amazement, she was crying because she felt that she looked so good. In fact, the words she used were, ” I feel like the outside finally looks like the inside of me!”. She was so happy that she wanted to join jazzercise! And she did! Within a few weeks of her first aesthetics procedure, she was exercising 3 times a week, expanding her social circle and clearly enjoying herself. If that isn’t good health, then I don’t know what is! For a family doc to get an 80-year-old patient to start exercising and socializing is no easy task.

Now you may not run out to the gym after your first procedure…. But you might! When you feel good about yourself and your appearance, you have more confidence. That extra confidence may be just what you need to tip the scales into taking on life with more enthusiasm and excitement!